Problem with sonible smart and true plugins

Question for users using Wavelab 11 or 12 and Sonible smart plugins eq, comp, dess, limit, true balance: do you have a problem with those plugins, VST2 or VST3? I installed the 30-day trial of those plugins, but Wavelab immediately starts to crash and the only solution is to kill the process in the task manager.

I use these plugins with WaveLab 12 Pro on Win10 and have no problems with them. I mainly use VST3. However, I can recall having issues with the VST2 version of other plugins (I don’t remember which ones). Since then, I no longer install VST2. Maybe try using only VST3 or better yet, just install those. You can recognize VST3 by the three lines; these also support sidechaining.

First I tried it with VST3 and it didn’t work, then with VST2 it also didn’t work properly… then I noticed that Cubase crashes when I exit a project that has sonible plugins, so in the end I deleted all sonible plugins. Why they don’t work properly, I don’t know. At least I tried them :slight_smile: they are ok plugins, but more or less all those AI functionalities I already have with izotope plugins.

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