Problem with sound - no sound

Hi, I’m Maya,

I have problem with sound.

  1. After using AudioMontage (on a laptop - Win 7) , when I click “Render” in Master Section, WaveLab creates new file, in Audio File, but there is no sound. And no graph of sound. (For just a moment I can see the graph of sound, but after - it disappears). It is like empty file, but it has name I gave it and it is long as I want to. And it happened today morning. An hour before I had created file in AudioMontage and everything had been all right.

  2. Now, when I open any audio file - there is a graph of sound on the screen but when I push “play” there is no sound. And on the UV Meter window there is no “sing of life” in a main part of window, only a very little under the “Pan” line.

When I play the same audio file e.g. in Media Player - everything is OK. I can hear the sound.
And when I use WaveLab in PC - everything is also OK.

I don’t know what’s happened to WabeLab on my personal computer. I can reinstall WaveLab, but maybe is another, simplest way to fix it?

I will be grateful of any advice.

Strange. What audio file format?

Wave (Microsoft) .wav - but - Eureka! I found the reason of my troubles! :slight_smile:
But please, don’ t laugh. I was working all night and I was a little bit tired and probably, by chance, I put the level of volume in Master Section (Master Level) to “0” level … Right now everything is OK.
But thank You for your answer and interest - really!