Problem with staccato playback for tied notes

When I write a staccato dot for a long tied note, I get a very short sound… Is there any way to avoid this. I have tried to change playback option for staccato timing but nothing works… Any ideas?

staccato (532 KB)

Don’t write the staccato dot…

Thanks. Yes, but I need it. Better I can add it as a playing technique, but this gives other kind of problems…

You can adjust the playback end offset in the properties panel. I think something like 360 is a quarter note, or thereabouts.

Playback of long notes with staccatos will be improved in a future version of Dorico.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work if your expression map does something with the “staccato” playback property that is generated by the dot written in the score. The duration of a staccato sample is usually short and independent of the length of the note.

BTW A quarter note is 480.

Can someone explain why you would put a staccato on the last note of a tied group. It seems a bit absurd.

Something like this isn’t absurd. In fact it’s quite common.
off on one.png

Excellent! Thank you Daniel.