Problem with staff labels in percussion multi-instrument player

I know Dorico’s handling of percussion notation is a bit basic so, instead of writing the percussion part in my piece in a 5-line stave (which is right now not possible unless I remove the clef), I decided in favour of a multi-instrument player. I have been happy with this solution (I even think it looks better) but I’ve found one tiny problem. Take a look at this:

Why is Dorico doing this? I mean, why is it presenting the staff labels in a single horizontal line with plus symbols in between? Why not put the staff label in each staff separately? How can I solve this? Any ideas?


Found a solution, though not quite the one I would prefer. I created more players and gave each one an instrument. As I’m using the option to hide empty staves, this doesn’t fill the pages with lots of new staves. Only here and there I have one or two staves more than before. One extra thing that I will have to do is to create a custom layout to include all the instruments as they’re all supposed to be played by the same musician. I still think, though, that Dorico shouldn’t stack all the labels in a single line but put them in their respective staff or at least provide a preference to select one option or the other.

Yes, when percussion notation is properly implemented you can expect the staff labelling for percussion players to be overhauled too.


What I’ve done now works but I don’t like the fact that it goes against the philosophy of the program about players and instruments… which I like very much, by the way.