Problem with Stage Manager with external monitor

Hi there!

I tried using Dorico with Stage Manager (external monitor). When doing so the app just opens up and ends up with a black screen. Nothing more happens.

Which OS version and Mac model? Is there more than one display?

For me, Dorico fills the display, regardless of Stage Manager.

Unfortunately, apps based on the Qt framework (such as Dorico and Cubasis) are not yet compatible with Stage Manager on an external display. The team at Qt are aware of the problem and will hopefully address it soon.

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Hi, I’m keen to use Cubasis on an external screen, do you know if this is now working? Many thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, but this is the Dorico Forum, are you sure you didn’t want to ask this question on the Cubase Forum or the Cubasis Forum?

Whoops. I’m a newbie and saw the reference to Cubasis in the message above. Will do as you suggest. Thanks.

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I have the same problem, please fix this asap.