Problem with Steinberg Download Assistant

Today I had a lot of issues trying to get Cubase elements 11 to download (No dongle, for example), but the one I’m more frustrated with is the ones I had with the Download Assistant.
It won’t update even though I installed the files the page asked me to install, tried several times.
When I try to download anything a message would pop up saying that the directory (folder) I want to download the files to has no permission to be used for the task.

Please I’m frustrated pulling my hair out, thanks in advance.

mac or pc ?
do you have write permission to the download folder - or on mac have you given the app permission to write there ?

On mac, I did gave it permission but nothing has changed

Im a Mac user and Ive been looking at an error on a recent clean install of Download Assistant.
Mine gives an error everytime it loads saying it can’t find one or more of three key apps that Steinberg products need.
1: elcc
2: Steinberg Library Assisistant
3: Steinberg Installation Updater (v1.15.1.419 is latest)

Its this third one which has failed to install so constantly generating the error on every load. This seemed to happen for me on Catalina (10.15.7) It may be a new bug in the latest DLA (v1.20.2) as it did not happen on a previous OSX build or it may be because the last install was via Mojave.

If you go to your About this mac / System Report / Applications and scroll to steinberg what do you see listed?
I have an entry for Steinberg Download Assistant v 1.20.2
Steinberg Install Assistant v
Steinberg Installation Updater (missing v1.15.1.419 but on previous install)
Steinberg Library Manager v3.0.30.256.
These entries will show where on your machine these apps were installed.

My recent DLA install also put some odd folders under Users/Username/Application Support/Steinberg/Download Assistant. Application support files normal are a subset of Library. So no idea what these have been created for. They are empty folders.

Im still trying understand the purpose of the missing Steinberg Installation Updater app and the Steinberg Install Assistant. DLA places these on the system but dont know whether its an either / or choice of which app gets installed as I do not know what they do.

This might assist your troubleshooting.

Any feedback on your findings would also assist me.

Re Permissions, How did you do that? I don’t recall a prompt for this on install but did install as an admin.
I see under System Prefs/Security and Priv/ Privacy tab that Dowload Assistant is listed under both Full Disk Access and Files and Folders.
PS Do you know what the difference is in the items listed in these catagories. Some items have Blue check marks and some dont?

Hey Dave, once I gave permission under Full Disk Access the one under folder popped up, I saw somewhere here that it was their solution to their problem, sadly it is not my case. The only one with blue check marks is under Full Disk Access (at least for me).

About this mac: Nothing is “wrong” in here at first glance, no missing message.

Thanks for feedback.
Looking at the System Pref / Security again I see Download Assistant with Full access and checkmark. The Files and Folders entry for DLA is as a consequence of having Full Disk Access so we are the same there.

Regards the installed Applications are you saying you do have the App Steinberg Installation Updater v1.15.1.419 installed on your system.
It appears it should be in
Users/David/Library/Application Support/Steinberg Installation Updater/1.15.1/Steinberg Installation Updater Mac/Steinberg Installation

For me
the Download Assistant Aria download code is in
Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Steinberg Download Assistant
Folder 3rd party.
Theres also a Steinberg Web Launcher app in this location which I assume is used to link to the download site.

My downloads appear to work without the App Steinberg Installation Updater. but mine was a new clean install and not an update install which the name seems to indicate may be its purpose.


A further thought is that perhaps the Aria code and permissions are not set if the initial Install of DLA has not got its full Access first. ie slight delay at install time. If thats the case a reinstall of Download Assistant might clear your problem.

I had also seen an earlier discussion about DLA failures linked to the Computers clock being different to the internet time zone clock.