Problem with Superior Drummer and multi output into cubase 12

So i am able to activate all the outputs and bypass the sd3 mixer but my issue is when trying to bounce midi grooves into wav files. I go to create new stereo buses under audio connections so i can render in place the midi but i run out of channels after 7/8. Since i am forced to use mono channels i run out fast. So is there a work around for this? Can i output to Mono channels so i have enough ? or is there another way to do it? thanks !

I am using a motu 828 es.

i dont understand why you create output busses to your interface to bounce to wav files

solution 1)
you can use the SD3 built i-in functionallity to create the WAVs for you

or solution 2 (thats what i would do):
once you have created the multiple outputs of SD3 into cubase, you can do a multichannel export, and with one action cubase will export you all 32 mono channels if you wish, each in one individual .wav file

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i wanted to use my own plugins to mix the drum tracks from sd. I am more familiar with them and i can use some hardware too.
So i use the multi channel output to get them in the daw mixer but to bounce them i need to link them to output channels.

do you think think the second option would work for this?

you dont need link them to individual to output channels of your audio interface to create wav files

the 2nd option will work fine, please have a look at the 2nd video i have posted, its clearly described in there

i´m also always using multiple out from SD3 and mix with my own plugins all the time. works great!

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Yup. I see what you Mean. Thanks for the help