Problem with Synth Syncing to Host Tempo

Happy new year to everyone and I’m very sorry to bother you with this but I cant get proper synchronisation between Dorico and a synth I would like to use (Fab Filters Twin 2).
It plays back fine when clicking the Synths keyboard, it plays back fine when playing a midi device but when I enter a few notes into the score and press play any modulation in it that relies on host tempo just goes berserk.
It works fine in Logic x and I have tested the Audio unit version in Dorico and the VST3 version in Logic with Blue Cats Hosting Plug in Converter so it’s not a bug in the different plug in types.
Am I overlooking something? Does anyone use Twin2 in Dorico with no issues or has come across the same issue with another Synth?
I’ve tried different tempo’s/time signatures to no avail.
Any Help much appreciated

I’m using the latest Dorico (3.5.10) on MacOS Big Sur (lastest version)

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
As far as I know, Dorico cannot transmit its tempo to any vsti, but it’s on the team’s backlog.

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