Problem with the display of measurement pauses

Hi everyone, I have a little problem concerning the breaks.
If you look at the video, you will notice that on the staff of the soprano, there are no rests, as they are found in the other staves of the choir.
I’ve noticed that it’s enough to insert a note and then delete it and rests usually reappear, but it doesn’t happen every time.
In addition Dorico should not hide the pauses, since I have not included this indication.
How can I solve?
Thank you

Dorico Pro 3.5
Windows 10

Salve a tutti, ho un piccolo problema che riguarda le pause.
Se osservate il video, noterete che sul rigo del Soprano, non compiono le pause, come invece si trovano negli altri righi del coro.
Ho notato che è sufficiente inserire una nota e poi cancellarla e di solito ricompaiono le pause, ma non succede ogni volta.
In più Dorico non dovrebbe nascondere le pause, visto che non ho inserito questa indicazione.
Come posso risolvere?

Dorico Pro 3.5
Windows 10

Without seeing the file itself, it’s hard to say for sure but almost always this is due to implicit rests being suppressed. If this was a MusicXML file imported into Dorico, sometimes rests automatically get hidden due to the XML import preferences you have set. If you search the forum for that (something like “XML import rests”) you’ll probably find some relevant posts.

Here’s information about implicit vs explicit rests, and also there’s some explanation of the relevant properties at the end of this page about deleting rests.

Many thanks.