Problem with the histogram function with release 4.1

I have installed release 4.1 of Dorico Pro today. I have noticed, that velocity changes made with the histogram function will not be safed permanentely. After saving the notes get back the old velocity values before the change…
Do You have noticed the same error?
Thank You very much, Chris

Welcome to the forum, Christian. I can’t reproduce this problem. Can you provide a few more details about how you’re reproducing it?

Hello Daniel

Thank You for Your quick response!

I have added a short example of a “piano piece”. You will notice that the notes have random velocity values.

If I now activate the histogram and move the left and right border of the histogram together so that all notes have a velocity of 64, for example, and then save the file, all velocity values fall back to the original values.

Therefore, I cannot permanently change velocities with the histogram.

I work with version of Dorico Pro.

Thank You very much for Your support.

Best regards, Chris
Histogram.dorico (533.0 KB)

You’re quite right, Chris: I was stupidly not making a further edit after having left the histogram editor, so I wasn’t seeing that the values are in fact not really being properly applied. We’ll look into this and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting it.