Problem with the master volume control of the VSL Molzer Organ

Hello, is there anyone here who is already using the new VSL Molzer organ?
NEW: SYNCHRON MOLZER ORGAN - Vienna Symphonic Library (
In Cubase 12 pro (Win 10) I have the following problem with the master volume control of the Vienna Organ Player (VST3 version 1.2.113):
After saving, closing and reopening a project, the setting of this knob is lost.
If the master volume control was set to any value before saving (e.g. “max”, and the organ could be heard), this control will be set to “-inf” after loading, i.e. the organ will not be heard.
When I have two instances of the Organ Player in an otherwise empty Cubase project, the slider settings look like this after reloading (regardless of the setting before saving):

I have the same problem in Cubase 11 pro, and it is enough to deactivate and then reactivate a project to lose the Vienna Organ Player’s master volume setting.

I had already contacted the VSL support, but they could not reconstruct the problem.

It might be a Cubase problem, that’s why I’m asking here about the experiences of other users.
Thanks in advance for your feedback!