Problem with the sound

Hello, I’m using the trial version of dorico 4 and I’m having problems with the audio. The sound is clean and clear at first but after a few minutes the sound starts to sizzle. I use Focusrite scarlett solo as an external sound card. When I quit the program and then restart it, the sound becomes correct again, but the crackling quickly resumes. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this problem?

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I’ve never heard of such case before. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report from the Dorico menu and post the corresponding zip file here? Let’s see if the log files reveal something.

Thanks for being so quick to answer. Here the file.
Dorico (694.3 KB)

When i close the program and start again i have this message

I have to resart my computer and open Dorico again. Thanks for your support.

Hi, I think you have 2 issues, first the sound and second the “waiting for audio engine”.

Regarding the first, you use your Focusrite via the Generic Low Latency driver, but you better use the dedicated Focusrite ASIO driver. Try that one out and see how it goes.
Regarding the second, you use HALion Sonic 7 and get hangs of the audio engine. This topic has been already discussed and a workaround is described in this thread.

Dear Ulf, you have clearly identified where the problem was. For some reason the dorico installation system chose the generic driver instead of the Focusrite dedicated asio driver. After selecting the right driver everything is back to normal. Including the “waiting for audio engine problem”. Thanks a lot for help. It’s really reassuring to feel supported in such an effective way. Dorico is a really nice software to use as far as I could tell. And I know that I still have a lot to discover. thanks again for the help.

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I’m really sorry, but the workaround doesn’t work. It seemed to work for a while and I bought the paid version of Dorico 4 at the end of the trial period.
But when I try to open some projects the play button is grayed out. In fact the entire transport line is greyed out :

and when I try to click a button the software crashes. I close the project and the entire software closes. When I try to restart the software nothing happens and I am forced to reboot the computer in order to reopen Dorico. Dorico is really a software that I like to use but these technical problems are really tiring and I would like someone to find me a solution to solve these audio problems that prevents the software from working as it should. Thanks very much in advance.

Have you tried (re)applying a Playback Template from the Play menu?
If you have installed a new version of Dorico, you may have reactivated the Halion 7 situation.

What do you mean by “(re)applying a Playback Template from the play menu” ?.
In fact I didn’t reinstall Dorico I just activated the license I received back then activated the paid version and deactivated the trial version.

I found the play menu yu’re talking about here it is :
Is it okay ?

Does applying it solve the problem?

Hi @marclebris , sorry for the inconvenience, of course it is an annoying problem, but we are currently working on a proper solution for it which will get released as soon as possible.
Until then please do that workaround (starting the ‘keep the server alive’ script) every time before starting Dorico, then you should be safe. Should you that not suffice and you still get problems, then come back here again and I’ll see how I can help you.
And in any case, could you please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks. From the logs I can maybe see if something else is causing trouble with you.

Hi Ulf,
here is the diagnostic report
Dorico (1.3 MB)
it’s really disturbing. the problem happens from time to time. Example: I open a first project and it works. Then if I close the project and open another one, it doesn’t work anymore. And i have reboot etc,…
anyway thanks for being so responsive. it’s reassuring to feel supported.

Hi Derrek, I’m still not sure that applying it solves the problem. For the moment it seems to work.
I also followed Ulf’s instructions and sent the diagnostic report to him. anyway thanks for the support. I appreciate very much.

Hi @marclebris , thanks for the data again. There are 5 dump files of the audio engine contained, which show that you again run into that know problem with the MediaServer. And yes, that is exactly the problem: Loading the first project after Dorico launch is no problem, but when you open the second one it always freezes in the program.
That’s why - again - it is important to let that workaround-script run before you launch Dorico.

And that with the playback template, thanks @Derrek for mentioning that, but that won’t help in this situation.

Just to say that the Dorico 4.3.30 maintenance update was released yesterday, with a proper fix for this problem:

Hi everyone, the update 4.3.30 works perfectly . I am happy to see that all the problems i encountered have disapeared.
Thanks for the Dorico team for the job done to fix the bugs and Ulf and Derek for the support.

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