Problem with the third part plugin AirEq - Eiosis

I’m new on Cubase, I’m still learning.
I tried to use this third part plugin called “AirEq”, from Eiosis.
For some reason, I thought that this plugin was free and installed it.
When it asked for activation, I unnistalled.
But, even though I uninstalled it correctly, everytime I start Cubase 12, a pop-up window open asking for actvation of the plugin.
Anyone knows how can I remove completly this anoying plugin?
I use Cubase 12 on Wndows 11.
(I accept recommendations for free parametric Eq plugins that show the frequency waves)


This remainds me the Harrison Plugins Prevent Cubase from Loading thread.

Do you think, it’s the same issue in the end?

Yes, it’s the same type of problem. But I already tried the solution in this thread and it didn’t work.