problem with tie across a bar line

I’m using Cubase 10 with Windows 10 in score view. I successfully got Cubase to tie a quarter note across a bar line to a half note by gluing the 3 relevant quarter notes together (see attached, measures 24-25). However, when I tried to do that again in measures 27-28, I got one quarter note and 2 rests instead of a tie across the bar line. I tried various things to fix this, but nothing worked. Why would it work in one place and not in another in the same score? Is there a graphical way to draw in ties? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Note about polyphonic: The image shows the non-working tie with a stem up, but that doesn’t make any difference. It still doesn’t work with the stem down.

I figured it out. Cubase somehow had decided that the measure I was trying to tie across was in rhythm notation (even though it didn’t show that way). When I went to Scores > Rhythm Notation > Clear bar, it solved the problem. Thanks.