Problem with ties in anticipations


I have this problem: When I have an anticipation in a “repeat ending”, if I tie the last note, it appears tied with the 2ond repeat. In reproduction there is weird things too.

Maybe there is another way wich I don’t know…

Best wishes

Don’t use an actual tie — use an l.v. tie instead (select the note, then turn on Laissez vibrer tie in the Properties panel). Note that this won’t actually tie the note back to the beginning of the repeat structure (the note will be re-attacked in playback), but you can get it to sound right by turning on Playback end offset and extending the end of the note so that it overlaps the note it’s repeating back to.

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Note that this is THE workaround for this, because so far it has not been implemented. So don’t worry if you feel something’s odd with this: it’s normal.

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