Problem with Time signature subdivision

Hello, this is a problem I’ve encountered before and I don’t really find an answer in the Dorico help.

I’m writing a passage in 5/4 that currently looks like that:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-21 um 10.31.36

For legibility practical reasons, I would prefer the beaming to be 1+1+1+1+1 in this whole passage. So I do this as instructed from Dorico forum and manual:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-21 um 10.32.04

However, what Dorico gives me is this:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-21 um 10.32.19

And what’s worse, once I double click on the time signature, it’s back to this:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-21 um 10.32.52

And then the beaming goes back to as it was before:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-21 um 10.33.04

Why? This doesn’t make any sense!
Note that I want the time signature to appear as 5/4, not “1+1+1+1+1/4”.
What can I do?

There should be an option in the time signature panel to determine the subdivision of the chosen time signature. That would be much easier.

I think your first move was the right thing to do ([1+1+1+1+1]/4)
But you also need to make sure that the Notation options (cmd-shift-N) have the Beam grouping setting to beam each beat in compound Time signatures. Hope it helps!

Well, but if I do this you say in the Notation options, then this will happen to the 4/4 bar which is in a big part of the piece, too? - and there I want the traditional beaming over more than one beam.

That’s why I think there should be the option to determine the beaming individually when you set a new time signature just for that time signature. That would be much simpler than the convoluted way it is now.

And by the way, the [1+1+1+1+1]/4 only changes the beaming for one bar, but not for the next ones?! And as I showed, not even that bar completely, beat 3 and 4 are still beamed together.
I think that definitely needs improvement.

This is the part that suggested me to change notation options. And if you look at those closely, you’ll see there are settings for bars with a half bar and settings for bars without a half bar. So it should *not alter your 4/4 bars. Note that Notations options span over one flow, so if you’ve got several flows, make sure you’re setting the option for the right flow.

Changing the time signature absolutely should affect all subsequent bars. However, if you have barline overrides (which are essentially separate time signatures that are hidden) they then take up the baton of controlling note and beam grouping from their bar onwards.

A barline override can be where you’ve input an explicit “normal” barline, e.g. if you previously had a double barline but didn’t want it anymore. The way to remove a barline override of any kind is to select it and delete it.

You can identify barline overrides by looking for red signposts, provided signposts are currently shown.

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