Problem..with token..No! problem of inattention:sorry

deleted by the poster

One page has projectTitle, the other has flowTitle.

Also, Setup > Project Info > Project > Composer is empty.
Setup > Project Info > Flow 1 and Flow 2 > Composer are not empty.

Thanks! the shame of having disturbed::: I delete the post

Don’t worry too much. We all have made that mistake at some time in our Dorico adventure.

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You are right: we must be humble in the face of our stupidity and accept it!

There are some who say:
I want to learn this or that so as not to die stupid!..
in fact they aspire to eternal life–…haha

I don’t understand why you would delete your original post defining the problem which could help those that come after. No matter how one might feel about an occasional oversight, (as others have said) it happens to all of us and only demonstrates that we are human.


ok! You’re right. Next time I will do better, but for this time there is no undelete
Best regards