problem with trail version urgent

i have Ai 8 and i wanted to upgrade to the 10.5 pro,
it were a bundle with UR22 sound card in Germany, and i got it with the Elicenser.

  1. i delete the Ai8 and the old elicenser
  2. i doesnload the trail cubase 10.5 pro +updated Elicenser
    it’s not recognising the new activation code i got with the trail
    i also try to upgrade it with payment but it’s another issue
    need help
    thank you


Most probably your Cubase AI license was stored on the Soft-eLicenser (this is by default). For Cubase Pro, you need an USB-eLicenser (hardware key), even for the Trial version. If you want to trial without the USB-eLicenser, download Cubase Elements Trial, please. If you are considering Cubase Pro, buy the USB-eLicenser and activate the Trial license on it, please.

ok i understand i need to buy it, but also there is a problem with the shop :frowning: and i can’t buy nothing

  1. i add the product to my cart
  2. i choose the discount on student option
  3. he ask be to verify i’m a student and send me to an error page that doesn’t work:((
    what can i do…i want to but it online couse i have the discount of upgrading
    i don’t want to buy it on a physical shop here…for double price…it’s absurd