Problem with Transpose after converting Chord track to Midi

I have a chord track, and have used “Chord Tracks to Midi” on a Kontakt Instrument track . . . works fine, midi notes show up in the track
But, the lowest octave note is out of range of the sampled instrument, and doesn’t sound, so I want to transpose just those notes up 1 octave to put them in range. Transpose doesn’t seem to work for those selected notes in the Key Editor ? Even if I try to draw in the notes, they keep bumping down 1 octave ? Is this a bug, or do I need to further flatten the chord track somehow to make transpose actually work ?

It is many sampled instruments that don’t play the full range.

If I make midi from my chord track I have no problems when editing the midi file. Have you engaged midi track to follow the chord track maybe?

OK, found out I did still have the track engaged as a chord track, so could not move any notes out of the chord track setting. Thought after using Chords to midi it would automatically become an editable midi track, still learning the Cubase little details like that.