Problem with triplets in drumset notation


I can’t help inserting a bass drum eight note in a triplet. As shown in the attached image, there is a eight rest in a triplet where I want to replace with a bass dr eight note instead. Why that is not possible? Bass drum and snare share the same voice as I understand…

Thanks, Gian

You want to replace the eighth rest in the tuplet with an eighth note? It should be as simple as selecting the rest, typing Shift+N or Return to show the caret, then inputting an eighth note there. What happens when you try?

It is supposed to be that simple, but nothing happens! Plus, Dorico allows me to type a new kick note only if aligned to the grid, creating an extra voice plus more rests everywhere. Could be that a software bug?

Can you zip up and attach the project so we can take a look? It’s much easier for us to help you if you attach the project.

I suspect the problem is the assignment of up- and down-stem instruments in the Drum Kit.

Here it is!

I tried yesterday to start another project from scratch. Same problem. I did the same today, but no problems. Anyways, the issue still appears in the attached project.

I also left a comment in the project where exactly the issue appears.

Triplet Issue (594 KB)

How did you input these notes in the first place, Gian? It looks like either by importing a MIDI file or by real-time input. There are some additional notes that don’t appear in Write mode because they have ended up with non-notable durations, which is something that can happen during real-time entry or MIDI import, and which is on our backlog to be fixed in future. Unfortunately the only real workaround at the moment is to clear out the troublesome tuplet altogether and reinput the notes there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I basically imported a MIDI file, with the idea of doing some editing and create a readable score out of it. Anyways, I’ll follow your advice by re-writing the bars from scratch. Thanks for your help Daniel :wink: