Problem with two identical midi devices

Hi guys,
I’m trying to use two midi fighter twister controllers as generic remotes in cubase 7.5.

I create two different generic remotes, but I’mm unable to assign the midi output of the second remote to the second twister, it looks like it works but as soon as I refresh the menu, it defaults back to the first twister.

has anyone experienced this before ?


Hi guys,
update : only happens on Windows but not MAC OS.

But I also got the same controllers to work with Live on Windows, so still likely a Cubase issue.

I also observed the same as described here :

Also, if I tick or untick the ‘’ IN All Midi In" option in the Midi port setup, I can see that both devices are linked together as enabling the option for one also enable the other.

So definitely Cubase not identifying the controllers properly. I did confirm that both devices get a different Instance ID by windows.

Any chance to get any help ?

thanks !

Hi guys,
quick update : I found a workaround for this by using Midi-Ox and LoopBe30; I create a virtual midi port and route my midi devices to it, so that Cubase only sees one midi device.

It works.


Hi mate,

got the same problem…what exactly did you do in MIDI OX if I may ask?