Problem with tying notes in a 4+5/16 bar

Problem with tying notes in a 4+5/16 bar: I want to tie a crotchet to a dotted quaver and a quaver, but I get always 2 crotchets and a semiquaver. What I’m doing wrong?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-20 um 21.11.32.png

Don’t think there’s a way to specify beat grouping and numerator independently.

If you can live 9/16, type [4+3+2]/16 in the popover.

If note, change the first bar manually using force duration. Insert a 4+3+2/16 meter in the second bar, and hide it using the property panel.

I’m not in front of Dorico right now, but would 4+[3+2]/16 do it?

The M popover isn’t clever enough to understand that. The other solution only requires one bar of manual rewriting, though.

Thank you for your suggestions!
I tried 4+[3+2]/16, but it doesn’t work. My workaround is now to use a slur. But it would be great if Dorico could understand “4+[3+2]/16”!

Another problem with tying. Now a 4/16+5/16 bar: in the attached example I want to tie the f. If I do this, the beaming between the d flat and c disappear. If I beam then the d flat and c the beaming between the f and d flat disappears. I tried about 20 minutes to find a workaround. The only thing that worked is to use a slur instead of the tie.
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Try changing the beams in Engrave mode, after you create the tie, not in Write mode.

In Engrave mode you can select the individual notes that are tied together. In Write mode you can only select the complete set of tied notes.

Rob, thank you for the suggestion. It works if I select the tied f and the c before I beam!