problem with updating

Hi. Today updated Cubase LE AI 9 to Cubase LE AI 10.5.
During installation, there was some problem with eLicenser.
Next, the installation went to the end. Cubase 10.5 does not start.

Do you have a license for 10.5?

Current version of eLCC installed?

I have a license for Cubase LE AI. Is it necessary for 10.5 separately?



This might be of interest to you …

Updates/upgrades to newer versions are typically “paid”. However, in this case, you might be able to update for free. Usually LE/AI licenses can only be up-“grade”-ed (to Elements, for example).

Thank you.

You either have a license for LE OR AI, it’s not the same, and that license is only for version 9.5.x
10.0.x and 10.5.x are paid updates and since LE and AI licenses are not sold separately you will need to upgrade to Elements.

S/he will not “need” to upgrade to Elements if the information provided in the link I posted is correct.

You’re welcome.

That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware of that.

I just joined this site. No where in manual is how to import mp3 file from internet site and edit it and convert . Can anyone help me,?

You should really make thread of your own instead of hijacking another thread with a different topic. BUT, go to the online manual and search mp3 and you shall find.