Problem with upgrade Cubase AI 8 to Pro 11

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask for help and advice on upgrading from Cubase AI 8 to Cubase Pro 11.

I own a Cubase AI 8 license (purchased together with UR22), which I have properly installed and registered/activated on MySteinberg.

I purchased the boxed version of Cubase Pro 11 UG from AI last year.
The product information said it was possible to upgrade from AI 6 or higher. I have an AI 8, so I would say I pass.
The box only contains a dongle, a card with a Download Access Code and a link to the website Steinberg, where I should follow the instructions.

I used the link and got Steinberg Download Assistant installed. I entered the Download Access Code from the card and it said:
You entered a Download Access Code for a product upgrade but you do not own a license to which this upgrade can be applied.
And I don’t know what to do.
Can someone please help me?
I must be doing something wrong. But what?

Thank you very much in advance

The error message is correct, you bought the wrong upgrade. You can email the seller (see the email receipt) to deal with this in order to get the correct product.

Thank you Steve, but I’m confused: Is it my fault that I chose the wrong product? Or the seller’s fault? This product is called Cubase Pro 11 UG from AI and there is a label on the box: Upgrade from Cubase AI 6 or higher. And I own Cubase AI 8. So what is wrong with this product? I’m very sorry, but I don’t understand :slight_smile:

From what you’re saying it was the sellers fault. Whatever the reason, the product should be what it says it is. I take it you bought this at a brick and mortar store? Have you checked with them yet?

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I bought it in the e-shop 8/2021. I’m upgrading now because there was no time before. I wrote a question to the e-shop yesterday, so we’ll see. Then I don’t have an answer, but since it’s a holiday, I expect a response after the New Year.

Anyway Steve, thanks for the consultation. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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If I’m not mistaken, your AI license needs to be transferred to the USB-eLicenser before you can apply the upgrade. Have you done that, or is the AI license on a Soft-eLicenser?

From what you describe, it sounds like the correct upgrade path.

That rings a bell,but I thought that I had read that they enabled the SeL for the upgrade, though I’m not sure…

Thanks a lot. First I tried it in Soft eLicenser and then I converted it to USB eLicenser but same result. I’ll do a printscreen of the eLicenser when I’m at the computer…

Have you tried the Download Access Code directly in your MySteinberg account? This should, I believe, give you an activation code you can enter directly in the eLCC application.

Thanks Scab_Pickens,
I consulted the Czech technical support, who confirmed what Steve already wrote above. must now determine if the DAC is valid. Thomann requested detailed information from me and now it’s up to them. I will give them some time and then continue to search for a solution. Thank you both for now.

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Did you try what I suggested in my last post, though?

I’m curious as to what kind of message you get when you enter the DAC in your MySteinberg account.

It’s very strange, indeed. I hope you can get it resolved.

What exactly did they confirm? That it’s the wrong upgrade from your current product?

It’s clear from your screenshot that you have a Cubase AI 8 license. What isn’t clear is the exact product you have purchased. Can you post a photo of the actual boxed product? Something just isn’t adding up correctly.

Are you sure you didn’t purchase an upgrade from Cubase “Elements”, for example?

Hi Scab_Pickens,
Sorry for the delay, I was out of civilization :-). In the meantime, the e-shop wrote to me that he could not help me, that his technicians could not handle it.

I have to say that the eshop disappointed me a lot, as their communication was very imprecise. To my repeated questions “What exactly were they trying?” they only replied that they tried everything and nothing works. This may also mean that they did not address my problem at all.

So I will try CZ/SK Steinberg Technical Support one more time, because I contacted the e-shop based on their advice. If they don’t help me, then I’ll try your advice with directly entering the DAC in MySteinberg. Since I’m a layman, I’m afraid that I’ll activate something wrong somewhere, and then I won’t be able to get it back.

Thanks for the advice though. If all else fails, I’ll definitely try your advice.