Problem with UR 242 (Sound lag-freeze)


First of all i’m new in this forum and english isn’t my mother language so be indulgent!

I bought few days ago the ur 242. I followed the install process and everything went well.
Then i’ve got a problem.
The sound freeze sometime, just few second, more like a lag than a freeze actually (think about it like a loading time). The perfect word would be saccade. At first i thought in was only in cubase, but actually its sound and video, because even on my home player when i’m watching a movie, or a vieo on youtube, etc…

So i uninstalled the drivers and tools and reinstalled them, but nothing worked.

After checking internet i found out that it could be a problem of IDE and AHCI about my SSD. So i changed from IDE to AHCI.

Same problem again…

It isnt a problem from the ur 242 itself, because i tried it on my laptop (with windows 10 x64 as well) and it worked well…

Here are my computer specs:

Processor: i7-4790 (3060 GHz)
RAM: 16 GB
Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
OS: windows 10 x64

It should be more than enough…

If you know what is going on i’ll be very happy to hear your solution!

Thank you very much!

Nobody got the same problem or wanna help?