Problem with USB eLicenser and USB mouse


I recently got Cubase 6. After installing the program, eLicenser and activation / registration took two days. Now there is a problem. It lies in the fact that after a certain number of hours, the wireless mouse (over USB module) begins to slow down and is stuck clicks. If you disconnect the USB eLicenser, restores normal function mouse. Dongle and mouse are connected directly to the connectors on the motherboard. I tried to change ports - does not help. In what may be the problem?

Sincerely, MJHawk.

P.S. And is it normal that when connected to USB eLicenser, its LED is constantly blinking very quickly with a variable brightness? :blush:

not realy??

first off, have you downloaded the latest version of eLisencer?

Hi andyath,

please try different USB- Ports.
Especially if your computer mainboard is fitted with usb-3 ports.
We know from several issues with Gigabyte mainboards using the usb-3 ports.
As far as I know Gigabyte has purchased some BIOS Updates regarding their usb-3 problems.