problem with vari audio

i have 24 track concert im editing, and since i analyzed vocals with vari audio, every simple action is going very slow.
when i save it takes around 15-20 seconds, and even hitting play button sometimes takes about 10 seconds till the playback starts…
any ideas?

using cubase 6. 32 bit. 4 GB ram. windows 7.

What type of processor are you using? Vari-audio is somewhat demanding.

How long is that recording, and how many vocal tracks did you put Variaudio on? You might want to bounce those tracks…

Save the project with a name like “xxxxxxxx before variaudio print” Then print the corrections and save as a new name “xxxxxxx after variaudio print”

Write some notes in the notepad of the original project which tracks were corrected for reference later should you need to revisit them. If so, all you will need to do is adjust, reprint and import into the new project.

One other thing you can do is create a cycle marker around the events before you print and name them the particular audio files with the variaudio correction on them. When you save to a new name these cycle markers will remain in the project after the print, so if you do need to revisit them, the cycle markers, since they are the same in the raw and the printed projects, will make rendering and reimporting a snap.

my processor is
intel core i5 CPU M 520 2.40 GHz…
im running the 32 bit version on 64 bit windows…does it matter?
the recording is an hour long, 3 tracks i analysed with vari audio.

i tried bouncing this tracks and importing them into the project, and even took
out the ones i analysed, saved it under a diffrent name,
but it doesnt seem to make a diffrent…
does that mean that its not the vari audio slowing the system down??


I only work with VA on one verse or chorus at a time. An hour-long recording … yikes, my computer would melt, working its way down through the foundation of the house and probably all the way to mauri’s kitchen or something before it cooled off.

You shouldn’t use a boiling water reactor as your power supply> :mrgreen:

You might want to split those tracks into smaller chunks and VA those… that will place less strain on your system.

As Northwood Media Works says,

Divide the target audio into small sections - say no more than a minute each and crucially, bounce each section and replace in the project (this will make your project bigger in megabytes of course)

… but the trade off is that you won’t experience the lag. In my experience, Cubase can handle large numbers of these smaller audio chunks and use with VA without problems.