Problem with verses

Greetings to all! I wanted to understand why, as you can see from the image, the line of the extension of the verse is not inserted by Dorico?

Hello Pasquale,

Select the lower voice when inserting lyrics;

(Dorico needs to know which “music” it should navigate.)

Thanks, but not well understood. I have two voices on a stave. the upper voice is the melody that calls for the verse. The lower voice accompanies. I am attaching a larger screenshot.

You need to delete the “rà” and “ri” lyrics in bar 7 and re-input them, but instead of selecting the up-stem note before you type Shift+L to start inputting lyrics, select the down-stem note there. I would probably be tempted to temporarily cut the tie between the end of bar 6 and the start of bar 7 to make it a bit easier, then restore the tie after adding the lyric.

Thank you, this is the result.

Yes, indeed. You really need that whole word to be in the same voice, so try switching the lyrics “quad-do ver-” and “par-to-” into the down-stem voice as well. You can do that by selecting them, then choosing Edit > Notations > Voices > Change Voice > Down-stem Voice 1.

I tried to do as you suggested, but if I change the first verse it deletes the second and vice versa.

Very well. Temporarily change the down-stem dotted quarter in bar 6 to three eighth notes. Delete the existing “quad-do ver-” and “par-to-” lyrics. Select the down-stem eighth notes in bar 6 and re-enter these lyrics. Now you can replace the temporarily modified notes in the down-stem voice in bar 6 with the original half-note duration note.

Unfortunately the translator is not easy to understand, but I think I have figured out how to solve the problem. The verses must be written before inserting a new entry.

May I suggest something like the “Amadeus approach” to lyrics for a future version, writing \# before text where # is the voice number, e.g. \2 rà and then \1 quel to easily handle such situations?

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