Problem with video Cubase 9 Pro

Recently I started to have problems with picture inside Cubase 9 pro (latest patch, 9.04 I think).

Picture starts normally, but after some time I get distorted pixels and colours. I attached screenshot.

I uninstalled Quicktime, but problem remains.
Any solutions? Thanks
Cubase problem.png


If you are on Cubase 9.0.40, there is the new video engine already, which is not based on QuickTime.

What video codec has been used? Ion which software has been the video created? What Windows/OS version do you use?

Martin, my friend :slight_smile: Hello,

Well, I don’t know which software and which codec created video , because I get that from video editors … I have windows 10. Does installing of codec mean something in this situation?
I had everything fine for year, and it was cubase 9.0.3 … so it was fine, and in one moment it goes bad. Nothing to do with 9.0.4 upgrade, had same problems in 9.0.3


It would be interesting to know, what happened at that moment?

Any Windows update (with graphic card update)?

Just windows update … no graphic card update. Can you clarify please - if I am installing any codec on computer, does it affect Cubase video player any way ? Or not? Because Cubase now have own video engine from version 9.0.3 if I understood correctly ? Thanks.


Some Windows updates contain for example Nvidia graphics cards updates.

Yes, installing of codec affects it. Cubase is using the codecs to show the video, same as other applications.

Hi same problem here guys. How did you fix it? Thanks a lot. F

Same problem :frowning: