Problem with video playback, it's freeze

Hello, I am constantly experiencing problems with the video. As soon as tracks with plugins appear in the project, the video starts to freeze. It is impossible to work. All videos meet the standards specified in the instructions for your products. I had the same problems with Cubase 10, 11, Nuendo 11 and now Nuendo 12. It’s just a nightmare! Maybe you can fix it? How do you position your product to work with movies and games when it can’t play video well? Or let me know what I have wrong, according to the forum I’m not the only one!

Hi Denis
You wrote in your message that as soon as plugins are insert in the tracks begin the problems to play video. So this means that if there no plugins does the video works well? If this so then the problem is not in the video (frame rate, codec, etc) but a problem of plugins vs Nuendo

So you’re saying that I need to make several projects from one project, splitting them into parts, constantly rendering tracks to disable plugins, because Nuendo can’t handle 20 plugins running? Maybe it’s about optimization, that 20 plugins load the CPU up to 95%? Because I don’t see these problems in Reaper, for example

You’re going to have to be a lot more specific with your setup because for a lot of us the problem you describe doesn’t exist.

When I run a video for reference, I always put the video on a separate drive. I never run it on the same drive as the project. I have my samples on an SSD, my videos on a separate SSD and the project on another SSD. As long as I am running an h.264 or Avid codec, it’s fine. I have had glitches with a ProRes file, (I’m on a Mac), but h.264 always works. h.265 is recognized but it never completes the thumbnails and never shows up. I have done 3 long format surround mixes with over 80 tracks in each in the last year, and I have not had an issue with frozen video. Those sessions were 23.98. 24 frame and 25 frame, and the session was 24bit, 48kHz. Don’t know if any of this helps but it has worked for me.

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I recently did a movie and had 23 tracks of dialogue running an instance of Waves Clarity X Pro and Clarity DeReverb Pro on every track. It’s a mac Studio Ultra, base model. I was at 96% on the CPU’s with the other 53 tracks in the mix, but it ran well and played the video back just fine. Before the final surround pass I committed all the dialogue tracks so I could remove the plugins, but I used it for 2 weeks with all that going on and Nuendo 12 ran very well.

If create a clean project, and put only the video track in there, playing it takes 40% of the CPU. That’s not normal, I think

If you remove all plugins and leave only the video track, Nuendo takes 40% of the CPU when playing, this is not normal

Again, details please.

What video container are you using?
What compression settings was used for video?
What is your CPU?
What is your OS?
Are you using GPU or integrated graphics?
If it’s the latter, what type of RAM and how much?


H.264 mp.4 1280*768 60fps
I7-9750h 64gb ram ddr4
Windows 11
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4gb
Asio guard and multiprocessing enebled


So that’s a mobile CPU with only 6 cores, and 4 years old. In addition you’re using H.264 which is a CPU-heavy compression scheme. Then 60fps.

That’s a screenshot of the video window during playback on top of task manager on a project I finished early this year. Avid DNx codec. There are a fair amount of tracks and plugins in the project but at that time not that many are playing. With a project with more intricate surround routing and H.264 it’s about 25%. My computer specs are in my sig.

In both cases playback is smooth, though I would argue DNx playback is smoother in general.

So, I think this is not a Nuendo problem but rather that you’re using a combination of computer components and video specs that just end up taxing your CPU hard. The first thing I would consider is changing the codec from what you have to for example DNx (low quality is fine). DNx is an add-on for Nuendo so you’ll have to pay for it, but in my opinion it’s worth it if you do this for a living.

The other thing to test is simply opening up the same project on a different and more powerful computer to see what the CPU impact is there.

PS: Nuendo meter for reference, for the H.264 project - no ASIO guard enabled;

If it’s my processor (which I doubt). Then why I don’t have such problems in Reaper, for example?

K. Well post all the specifics of your project then. Maybe send a copy to Steinberg support. Give them the actual video plus a list of the plugins you’re using. And so on.

All I can say is it works just fine for a lot of us.

MattiasNYC is correct that h.264 taxes the computer CPU very heavily. There is no time code embedded in the frames on an h.264 movie. Only a start TC and end TC (It’s referred to as long GOP, group of pictures). The computer has to calculate the frame you are on, starting from the first frame, EVERY time you hit play, or scrub, etc. That’s a lot of CPU time being devoted to figuring out where the video should play while you are asking for it to also do all the calculations for your audio, plugins, automation, etc. DNx codecs have a frame number embedded in every frame, which is why it is a pro level codec. I have had problems with freezes when a client sends me video with h.264 encoding for long format, so I always transcode it to DNx if it’s longer than 10 minutes.


Hello! Interesting… And in order to work with it, so need to download the plugin or something ? Or how does it work, how to use such a codec in a project?

Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD® | Steinberg

It’s a product that costs $30. After purchase, you enter the code in your Steinberg account and it unlocks the codec. Once unlocked it’s part of Nuendo forever.

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Pay close attention to the type of video converter you are using, also look at the compression settings to see if they have been done correctly. The processor or operating system is also important, and the use of a GPU or integrated graphics is crucial (type and amount of RAM is important here).

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I don’t use integrated gpu. What about compression? what do you mean?

The date the user joined along with posting history and content makes me think it’s a bot. If not a bot then the comment should refer to the compression used for video in H.264.