Problem with Vocal Rider automation [RESOLVED]

Hi guys,
Your help please.
I did a search for this before I posted but nothing relevant came back.
I can’t get Waves Vocal Rider to write automation data. I have followed the instruction from the Waves manual to the best of my ability but to no avail. I guess I’m doing something wrong in Cubase. However, all looks good though and the Vocal Rider (VR) is functional and responsive. In fact it seems to be working correctly but just not writing the automation data – anywhere!

Let me explain what I have done:

  • I have the VR on an insert as the last plug-in on the vocal track (No.6 in this case)
    Made a Group Channel Track

  • From all my instrument Stems, on the Send, I routed each of these stems to this Group Channel Track. This is Post fader routing right? :question:

  • Activated the side-chain on my VR

  • Back on my Group Channel Track, on the Send, I connected to the Side-Chain on the VR

  • Played my track and can see and hear the VR working.

  • Armed my vocal channel for Write automation (R and W lit)

  • Clicked on the Write button on the VR

Pressed play and… nothing! No automation data, I can see and hear that the VR is working.
I’m positive I’ve missed a step but can’t see what… :angry:
Any help welcome!

I’ve not got this plugin on Cubase but I’ve used it on PT where it worked fine. But one thing I wanted to suggest is that you drag the fader manually as a test just to see if Cubase is recording automation that way. This might give you a clue as to whether you’ve got things right or wrong.


Hi Mike,
thanks for your reply.

I have in fact resolved my issue. :astonished: In fact it wasn’t an issue, I just didn’t know where to look. I did a lot of research today Googled every permutation of this and got a little clue from another site. I even read the Waves manual for this plug in and that didn’t mention it at all! This plug in actually writes the automation to the lane the plug in has been assigned. I inserted the VR in slot 6. Hence the volume automation data was written there!!! :unamused:

This is for others following along as I know I would have been grateful for this earlier this morning… :wink:

  1. Insert the VR as the last plug-in on the vocal track and take a note of how many slots down it is, in my case it was the 6th.

  2. Make a Group Channel Track

  3. From all instrument (or Stems) take the Send and routed each of these to this Group Channel Track.

  4. Activated the side-chain on the VR

  5. On the Group Channel Track Send, connect to the Side-Chain on the VR (should see it in the drop down)

  6. Play your track and you should see and hear the VR working. Stop and return. This proves that you have the VR responding correctly.

  7. Arm the vocal track for Write automation (R and W should be lit)

  8. Clicked on the Write button on the VR (middle of the lower three buttons)

  9. Play the track and run over a few vocal lines and stop.

The automation volume has been written but you can’t see it yet. This is what you do.
On you vocal track click on Show/Hide Automation (hover lower left of audio track) to show automation. As a default you will just see a new lane with a long button named volume. Click on it and scroll down to More… and click. A new dialogue box appears. open the folder Ins (click the cross). There under folder 6 (in my case) there are all the plug in parameters. Choose the one you want I have the Vocal Rider Fader.

Now you should see the automation drawn in the lane. :smiley: :sunglasses: :smiley:

Hope this works for you too. ♫♪♫

Aha, yes, so it was being written, glad you’ve solved it. And I was just typing a suggestion to change the title too!!

There’s a project wide control to show all used automation (right click on a track panel). That’s what I use, set up as a shortcut key (along with another to hide all automation when I need things to be tidier).

There’s also an automation preference to show new automation automatically when it is being written. This is not in the usual preferences area, but in Project->AutomationPanel, click the settings button.


How should I tune cubase/vocalrider to write automation data more detailed? i.e. with more data points, because now after writing all points disapearing except some on highest and lowest positions. Tried to change quantize settings (on/off, bar/beats/quant) - no effect.

Just off the top of my head, I pretty sure there’s a Density setting in the preferences somewhere. It may help you…