Problem with voices

Sorry I can’t give hard instructions to recreate this one but it’s caused me to have to redo my work…

I’m transcribing a Cello sonata. The piano part uses voice work a lot but twice my voice options in the Voices menu have changed. Instead of “Up-stem Voice 1 and Down-stem Voice 1”, the options have changed to “Down-stem Voice 1 and Down-stem Voice 2”. It’s as if the internal definitions of the voices have changed.

Consequently, all the voice work in the piece has gone wrong. Took me an hour to correct it last time but it’s clearly a recurring problem since it’s happened twice. I’m on a deadline for a performance in 10 days or so so any help/advice would be hugely appreciated.

Pilot error?
Code error?
Is there something that I can do to redefine the voices?
Any other tricks you can think of that will save me having this problem repeatedly?

PS: I should add that there’s a lot of cross stave work as well, so filter voices, while helpful, is not the one-shop solution…
Voices Menu.png

Dear Beechside,

This problem with voices can be very simply corrected, thanks to the conjunction of “filtering” and “change voices” functions. Select all the content of the staff involved, filter by voice > Downstem voice 1, cmd-click (or right click), press v, c, and create new upstem voice : all those downstem1 notes will now be upstem voice 1. Restart your project, and the voices will be reset : this staff will end with one upstem voice and one downstem voice.

Actually, this might be even easier to resolve. Select a single note in a voice that appears to have the wrong direction, then, in the Voices menu, select the very top option “Default Stems Up”. This will change the entire voice that selected note belongs to.

The menu items inside “Change Voice” will apply only to the selected notes themselves.

Thank you, Marc. My problem is that with a lot of cross stave work (including single-handed chords being split across staves) it’s not that easy. A lot of individual notes have to be selected. The first time it went wrong, I used some of what you suggested and a lot of selection to eventually get it right.

In practice, I want to find a switch that turns the first “Down-stem voice 1” into “Up-stem voice 1”. I guess that function hasn’t been exposed in the UI.

However, there is very much a bug here and I’m reporting it to make the developers aware, even if I don’t know exactly what keystrokes cause it to occur.

Unless there is a quick solution, looks like I’m stuck with another hour of manual fixing.

Stefan - thank you. That worked a treat. So, this is either user error (though I’m pretty sure I have not changed the default voice direction) or something got switched.

One to remember, just in case…

Nice trick, Stefan, thanks !
As for manual changes, the trick Pianoleo gave me is fast : ctrl-click, v, c, enter and the selection is upstem voice 1 (if it exists). Half a second to do.