Problem with voltage modular cubase 11 Pro version 11.0.41

Hello I have a problem with voltage modular In cubase 11 pro on my new MacBook Pro M1

Sound doesn’t come up in the beginning and than after I while it does and when it does it doesn’t stop when I stop playback never had this issue on my intel Mac I contacted cherry audio and they are looking in to it but I thought I could try it from this side also maybe someone had the same issue with voltage modular or other third party plugins

Thanks :grinning:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What Audio Device do you use, please? Try to increase the Buffer Size.

Hi Martin thank you for your reply at this moment I am using the build in audio from my Mac so no external audio device connection right now increased the buffer size from 256 to 512 (see screenshot ) dint’t help stil no sound in the beginning when I load voltage modular in to cubase any recommendations for what buffer size or any other possible solutions :thinking:

Thanks in advance


Is it the same if you hit Stop and then Play again? Or does it happen only after the project load, please?

Hello again it seems that it only happens when I load the project and when I load a new preset in to voltage M plugin inside the project
not when I start and stop ( interesting ) :thinking:


Then I would say the library is still loading therefore you don’t hear it.

Ok can that take so long time never had this issue before on my old intel Mac I just bought this new Mac Book Pro because my other was 5 years old and and getting slow strange :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but any how do you have any idea why this is could this have something to do with Apple M1 Processor ?