Problem With Volume Controle In Cubase 10


I have a problem on which I have been blocking for a while and I will need help.

We are trying to rehearse at a friend’s house and register with Cubase Pro 10 using their Line 6 UX2.

So midi read, mp3 also quibbling a little in the options but the big problem is that the volume control of Cubase does not change the sound the volume of windows works but when I increase or decrease the volume main in cubase nothing happens and the output level meter does not move.

I am using the Asio UX2 driver.
When I slide an mp3 instead of Midi, the volume control windows has no effect if I put it at 0 I hear nothing but that I put it at 10, 20 or even 100% the volume remains the same (thoroughly). Same for the volume control at the bottom right in Cubase it does not affect the volume.

If I go to Mix Console, there the output volume out and the volume of the mp3 track itself, they work.

So in fact I have the problem with an mp3 unless I go through the console mix and I have the problem for Midi but there by cons none does not even work the console mix.

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So I tried on my laptop at home, it is something else again if I put Asio4All no sound, if I put Asio Low Generic Drive I have sound for mp3 but not midi and ditto Cubase volume control does not work.

Pending your answers, thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Where are the MIDI data routed to, please? Do you use any virtual instrument or are the data routed to a MIDI Out?