Problem with volume on plugins in sends


Here is my problem:

I create a ‘stereo’ FX bus (for a reverb or delay etc.) with it’s output routing set as ‘stereo out’
I select an audio track and ‘send’ it to that bus
I then add a reverb or delay etc. on the FX bus
I set the ‘mix’ knob of the reverb/delay plugin in the FX channel to 100% - because I am told by every bit of info on the internet that it is good practice to set the bus plugin effects to 100% in order to get only the wet sound of the effect (and not a blend of the dry and wet as the dry is already coming from the track itself).

For example ‘Strophoid’ a grand senior member of this site is quoted as stating:

‘Reverb: send. (you want a dry signal with a little bit of wet signal. Make sure the mixknob on your reverb plugin is at 100% if it’s on a send.)’

However…….When I do this I lose a lot of the volume of the original audio - it is as if the wet signal is dampening the gain of the track and pulling out it’s ‘punch’ and seems to hamper some of the audios dynamics (maybe dampening its fundamentals or secondary harmonics???)

Is this normal or am I missing something very simple here?


How do you “send” it to that bus? There is a difference between sending via (post) fader sends from the channel, and routing the channel output.


Sorry for the delay in reply (been on my summer holiday).

I send it to the FX bus by clicking on the ‘sends’ in the mix console and selecting the FX bus as a send.

I must admit I am not too sure on what the difference is between ‘post fader sends’ and ‘routing the channel output’.

Adjust the FX level via the send fader.


I realise what I had been doing wrong now. The volume of the ‘dry’ instrument track was made louder by the FX tracks volume and when I activated the effect (Delay in this case) it returned the volume to its original level and so it seemed as though it was being dropped in level.

Thank you for your advice.