Problem With VST Audio System


I’m hoping somebody will be able to help me with an annoying problem that I have with setting up the VST Audio System.

I have just upgraded from Cubase 5.0 VST 32 to Cubase LE. I had no problems using Cubase 5.0 VST 32 with the ASIO4ALL driver, but now I’m using Cubase LE on the same system (Windows 8.1), I can’t record any audio without running into problems. I’ve made a short list of the audio devices I’m using, along with their problems :-

ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver - Really bad latency (335.850ms) when recording audio, although the sound quality is good. Buffer size can be reduced to 512, but still not good enough for recording.

Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver - Audio crackles, no matter how I adjust the buffer size.

ASIO4ALL - No audio going in and no audio coming out.

It’s really frustrating, as I thought a newer version of Cubase would work even better than my old one!

Looking forward to any help.



Not sure what you’re using for an audio interface, unless you’re using the one built onto your motherboard, which isn’t good option generally. If that’s the case, I’d pick up an interface designed for audio recording with it’s ‘own’ ASIO drivers specifically written for it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money.

I use what was originally very expensive audio interfaces, and use those drivers. I disable the on board audio in my BIOS. After booting, I turn off Windows Sounds.

Another thought is if you’re using a 64 bit OS, you don’t want to be using a 32 bit audio driver …?

If you’re hearing something with your other selected drivers, I’d assume you’ve set up your VST Inputs/Connections properly for Ins/Outs.

ASIO4All has been a crap shoot for many.