Problem with VST Connect Performer

In my mac mini I installed VST connect PERFORMER and it opened. Now after a couple of days and installing other programs it simply won’t even start…
I uninstalled, reinstalled and even factory reset the whole computer but still VST CONNECT PERFORMER won’t even open…
Please help me with this

Any message, or does it just not start? Spinning cursor? Anything?

Intel or Apple Silicon Mac Mini?

I am having Apple Silicon Mac mini

Its just doesn’t start.


locate the folder …
/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VST Connect Performer
… and delete it

locate the file …
/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Preferences/com.steinberg.VST Connect Performer.plist
… and delete it.

Is it back working? Do you still have access to the files and folders? Could you please zip them and send me the package? We would then analyse the problem.
(mail : m.spork ( at ) )

See you,

Have you checked in the security pane in system preferences to make sure it hasn’t been blocked?