Problem with VST Quick Controls?

Hey there guys, I’m experiencing a problem with VST Quick Controls which I was hoping you could help me with.

When moving up/down between instruments, the VST Quick Controls follow as expected. However, when I CREATE a new Instrument, Cubase doesn’t select it and therefore my Quick Controls continue to control the previous instrument. If I change my track selection and then return to the new instrument, the problem is resolved.

I hope this makes sense, happy to provide a video to demonstrate if required.

Thanks a lot for your time and help!


This sounds like a bug to me. Once you create a new instrument, it doesn’t pass as selected to the VST Quick Control. I will check this later today.

Yeah, that’s what I think too Martin. Thanks so much for your help and reply, please let me know what you find :slight_smile:



I can reproduce it. The problém is, the new Instrument is nit selected in the VST Instrument window. So then you control the selected Instrument, which is still the last (old) one.

I will report it as a bug.

Thanks so much Martin! :slight_smile: