Problem with VST snapshots/pictures when 150% scaling is enabled

I’m using a 40" 4K monitor with scaling set to 150%. when I take a snapshot of a VST picture only shows the actual VST GUI in the top left-hand corner and the rest of the pitch was filled with the arrange page!! I sent in a support query to Steinberg about this. I presume this is due to lack of testing for all different scenarios of scaling? Anyone else noticed the same problem when they have windows scaling enabled? See pic.
VST Snapshot.jpg

I’m having the same issue on my 4k monitor with 150% scaling
A workaround for now is to temporarily set the scaling to 100% for every snapshot that you make. (So it’s definitely a scaling issue)
Although it isn’t really helpful in regard to the productivity/workflow attributes which cubase is known and loved for. So surely not a permanent solution

Try scaling at 200%. At 150% cubase uses 200% anyway.