Problem with vst sound installation

While I was trying to reinstall HALionSonic SE the system returned me this error:
Could not find source file. …\vst Sound\fcp_smt_047_hs_tonewheel_organ_01.vstsound
And so the installation of Halionsonic it is canceled.
How do you resolve this error?

Which specific installer are you trying to run? The one listed as “Dorico Playback 2” in Steinberg Download Assistant, or another one?

It might be worth just trying again. I saw a comment somewhere else that the “current version” was being updated today, and the download wasn’t working properly while the update was still in progress.

I used “Dorico Playback 2” in Steinberg Download Assistant

I downloaded it on November 29th

I try to download it again

Uninstalled and re-installed. It’s all right. Thank you