Problem with VST Transist Screen Font Resolution

Hi all

I use Cubase Artist 9.5.30. My screen resolution is 3840x2160 and font size at 250%.
When cubase loads the text size is as intended.
When I open the VST Transit from the menu, the font size for VST and Cubase reverts on 100% and makes the application unusable. The 100% text size stays till I close the application. When i open it again, it again goes on normal (250%) text size.
This happens on Cubase Elements 9.5 also.

Please take a look on it.

We can reproduce the problem and are working on a fix, sorry for the inconvenience.

In version 10 the problem still exist
Its the same behavior as before without HiDPI. Actually the font of VST is ok but the rest go smaller

With HiDPI, the font of that window is small

Hi gestavrakis,

we are trying to reproduce your problem. But without any luck. Can you give us some more hints?

  • Please check the layer version of VST Transit
    – Cubase / Menu / Studio / More Options / System Component Information -> Program Plugins

  • Please ckeck the core version of VST Transit

  • Open VST Transit and click to the logo (bottom right corner)

Which versions are you running?
The problems occurs with every Cubase start? Or only from time to time?



Sorry for my late response. Here the info

Layer version of VST Transit 1.0.13

Version of VST Transist

The problem occurs always when i click the VST Cloud / VST Transist option from the Cubase menu. If i dont click that, i can use Cubase normally. To use again Cubase with normal size fonts, I have to exit program and run it again. I have to mention that the same problem occurs on Cubase Artist 10, and the previous version 9.5

I include also the dxdiag for my laptop

Hope it helps

Hi George,

can you please send me a mail? m.spork at
I need to check some settings. We will return to this thread …