Problem with VU-meter

Hello Steinberg team!
Hello for All!

First, I want to say thank you so much for this wonderful DAW!


I have just problem with VU-meter(all meters) in all cubase plugin!
It’s not work!
VU problem.png
Sometime… meters work (0.1 ms)…, but now stoping!

All plugins - work!! ))
Meters - No! ((

Sys: Win7 64, Cub6 32

Plz Help!

The compressor in your screenshot is in external sidechain mode…

EDIT: I see, you should have at least an out indication at least - sorry :blush:

What version of Cubase V6.???

Are you running the latest version?

Cubase 6.0.0 build 229

In 64bit version - the same problem… :cry:

2thinkingcap Yes-yes :wink:

you need to update Cubase, there was a problem with the metering in vst3 plugins with the first release.

Thank’s thank’s thank’s!
Updated…and thats ok!
All VU-meters work!

Delete topic!