Problem with Wavelab exchange in Cubase 10.

Hi There. Anyone having problems using Wavelab elements 9.5 as the editor for mixdowns in Cubase 10? When I export the audio as a .wav file, Wavelab opens and says it cannot read the file format. Yet, when I open Wavelab independently and select the file to open, there isn’t any problem. Does anyone know how to set Wavelab to recognize a .wav file when used in the exchange feature in Cubase 10?

Thank you in advance.

Hi all

Working here no problem, is there a perhaps a format mismatch that elements can’t deal with?

Best Regards, Dave

I have the same problem. Wavelab opens all exported .wav files from Cubase Pro 10 as white noise. Or alternatively, using the browser rather than the import command, it doesn’t see them at all. All other apps play the .wavs without issues. Not good enough Steinberg, not good enough.