Problem with wordbuilder window

I have Cubase Essential 4 and I have problem with EastWest Wordbuilder plugin for Symphonic Choirs.
When I opened the wordbuilder standalone it works perfect, but with cubase the window is a half. And many buttons are hidden. The window is always the same size.

Please I need help!!!

Try this:

No the window is still a half
I tried to open wordbuilder with sonar and the window is completely opened but my sound card is steinberg CI2 and Sonar ignored me.

Thank you for trying to help

I would take this up with the manufacturer of wordbuilder if this isn’t working in Sonar either. They will be far more helpful than we can be here. :slight_smile:

So what can I do now?

I would update your product to the latest version.

Meanwhile I would try re-installing the plugin, and have Cubase rescan it through Plug-In Information>VST 2.X Plugin Paths.

How did this work out for you?

OK thank you so much.
I’ ll try

Finally it was the screen PDI