Problem with XML import from Finale v25

I am trying to transfer some Finale files via XML so that I can work on them in Dorico.

The XML import appears to break (almost) every time it gets to a keyboard tremolo that was created in Finale using ‘TG Tools Easy Tremolos’

I wonder whether anyone else has faced this problem and whether they found a solution?

I can, of course, go back into the Finale file and remove the bars created with TG Tools then I can (eventually) import a version of the original, but this is an opera reduced orchestration so a lot of work if someone has already found a solution.

I am attaching an extract the shows the issue. The XML seems to break first with the left hand of the piano part in bar 14. I can provide the Finale file as well, if that would help.

I hope someone can suggest something.

Thanks in advance

Act 1 part 1 sample3.xml (1.5 MB)

MusicXML transfer is not foolproof. I suggest you see how your file imports into MuseScore, then export from MuseScore and import into Dorico. Sounds insane, but it often fixes problems.

Oh, and make sure you untick every option in Preferences>MusicXML Import (just let Dorico do it’s thing)!

Thanks, Janus.

I’ve tried changing the Dorico XML import settings with no discernible improvement. They are currently set as the factory default.

Reading one of the XML files into Musescore was the first thing I tried - it crashed MuseScore! I’ve just retried it with the sample file I uploaded - Dorico read it reasonably well (better than Dorico) but the XML export from MuseScore then crashed Dorico!!

I never expected it to be easy …

Interesting. Here’s the file I exported from MuseScore
Act 1 part 1 (30.6 KB)

And here’s the Dorico file it produced.
Act 1 part 1 sample3-import.dorico (1.4 MB)
Yes, there was a warning message about the xml when loading, but it appears to have survived!

That’s curious. This time it did not crash Dorico.

If all the files worked as closely as that I would have what I need.

OK, I’ll try again with larger files and MuseScore ‘translation’ and see what happens.