Problem with XML Import of a 2 stave piano system

Hey there - me again :wink:

The Midi Import/Export doesn’t really work forme so I’m now trying to get it done withe the MusicXML export/Import.

I recognised a strange behaviour when importing a XML from Cubase to Dorico. In the Cubase Score Editor everything looks fine with the Piano notes on a 2 staves system (Picture 1). When exporting it to xml and importing this file to Dorcio the notes of the 2nd stave are linked to or have the same tails like the note in the upper stave. How can I divide them? When I try to cut and copy/paste I can only paste 1 stave and the other will be gone.
When Importing the xml file I also get an error (Picture 3).

Anyone can help me? Would be really great! Thanks in advance and best from Vienna!


It looks as if all the notes are all together on one channel in the original. If so I’m impressed that Dorico could still be smart enough write them on 2 staves.

Yes that’s true. All the piano notes are on one channel, like you can see in picture 1. In Cubase Score editor I edit the preferences that the piano notes have to be in a piano 2 stave system and it should part them at the Note A1.
If I export the file with MusicXML I guess that all the information I edited in Cubase Score editor will be included in the file, so Dorcio has access to them. Or am i wrong?

Still there’s the problem, that it doesn’t get the right information. It combines both staves somehow. They are not rhythmically independent and I don’t know how to change this…

If you compare Picture1 and picture 2 actually they should look the same but the y don’t…

Can you zip up and attach the MusicXML file, Victor? I suspect the problem is that the notes on both staves of the piano are in the same voice. Cubase’s MusicXML export can be a little idiosyncratic, and we are working with the team in Hamburg to try and get some of those oddities ironed out in future versions of Cubase.

Hey Daniel here is the ziped XML test file. Hope that helps.

If I split the upper stave and the lower stave in Cubase and export them as 2 files it’s still not possible for me to combine them in Dorico somehow. Everytime when I try to copy/paste the second stave it will overwrite the first copied stave instead of having them both on the piano stave system.

Thanks in advance and best from Vienna,
Victor (2.13 KB)

Yes, as I thought, Cubase is exporting those notes in the same voice, so Dorico dutifully puts them into the same voice because that’s what the MusicXML file tells it to do.

You should be able to copy and paste from one staff of a piano to another, though. Make sure you have selected a note or rest in the left-hand staff before you paste.

Hey Daniel - I just notice this post. I have the same issue. New to this - could you tell me how to accomplish this ‘work-around’ for a piano part (I have the same issue as described above.) I just post the complete story here.

But it is exactly the same as above - I am just not sure the ‘steps’ to take in your ‘copy and paste’ instruction. many thanks.

Well - I think I may have stumbled on a solution. In Cubase’s score editor - DON’T set the ‘staff mode’ to ‘split’ - like you would do in Cubase (for piano) but to ‘Polyphonic’. Seems to show properly now. STILL get the error message though???