Problem+Workaround saving presets MacOS Ventura

hi guys, i have some problems saving plugin presets with macOS Ventura…

does anybody know how i can give Cubase 12 permission to create folders in the user library?

For anybody who has problems saving presets:

-in Finder: go to Users/yourusername/
-on the top, hold Option and choose Go/Library
-in Users/yourusername/Library/ drag Audio to the side panel, you are going to need this a lot
-in Audio/Presets create folders with name of developers, like Steinberg Media Technologies, FabFilter…etc

The problem with this, is that sometimes its hard to guess exactly what folder names you need…
Like “Valhalla DSP, LLC”…who the hell would guess that?

a trick for this is to:
-open a plugin, and try to save a Default Preset (in the top right of every plugin).
-Then it says: "Could not create file. " with the exact folder structure Cubase expects below that.
-Now navigate in Finder to the link you dragged into the side bar (Audio)
-Create a folder in Audio/Presets, and carefully type the exact same name Cubase said earlier inc small and big letters.
-Test Default saving of the same plugin again, hope it works, you can see the preset appear in the Finder window.

I tried different things, like give Cubase 12 Full Disk Access, change xattr, change permissions, but nothing worked.
The above works for me, for now, for the last week. See attached screen shot for the names i used.

if you have problems saving presets with MacOS Ventura, i hope it works for you too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this info! I have been a Windows user, and just got an M1 Mac mini. Saving presets has stumped me in Cubase Pro 12!!!

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