Problem : wrong click level in the control room main or phones output.

I discovered a problem in the control room, main output Click level :

If the main output source is switched to cue1 for example, and the click is enabled both in the main and in the cue1 setup, then the click of main is mixed with the click of cue1 !

This mean that the click level we here is not the cue1 click level that the performer has in its headphone.

The problem is probably the same for the control room phones output.

This is a problem because this source selection function available for main and phones control room output is to give the possibility to check the mix balance in the performers headphones.

If something is added to the cue source when listening it then what we here is not the cue source anymore !!

The solution : when switching the control room main or phones output source to a cue, the click of the main or phones output must not be added with the audio coming from cues sources. It should be muted.

This is not really a bug but more a funny logic programming error in the control room code. Nevertheless this is serious enough to make a DAW seems like a plastic toy compared to a studio recording console :smiley: