Problem - XP32 to Win10 64 (C5)

Wondering if someone can advise.

When i try to open an older project done in XP32 on my newer Win10 64, the computer looks as though it’s loading a channel, but it just hangs forever.

Any ideas?


Cubase 5 32bit is not supported on Win10 64 bit.


Its a fresh install of C5 64bit on my Win10 64bit.

C5 is working great on Win10.

Basically I can’t open old 32bit projects on new 64bit system.

Any ideas?



p.s. i can still open the older C5 projects on my old XP 32bit.

So i tried removing all plugs and VSTi’s from an old project and it opens up ok in 64bit.

Maybe time for some remixing.