Kind all day.
I have a version of Cubase 9 pro.
The problem is that I can not put the inputs (plays on one ear).
I created a tire, and made it in mono. (Everything is fine, when recording, ears work).
The problem is that when you re-enter the program. The program removes the bus, and puts the stereo. Who will tell me what? Sound card: TC electronics impact tween.
Windows 10

The problem is that it does not store entries. How to fix? Each time to put the inputs is not convenient!

Making new configurations in the VST Connections window (new Inputs for mono or stereo channels etc…), and saving the project, seems to stay with it here. If I close down/quit Cubase, and then re-launch and open that same project, my VST connections are all there as I wanted.

However, if I open a new empty/blank project, then the defaults are loaded (VST Connections does not hold my previous saved configuration). This is expected. Maybe, save a new default setup.?

Prompt. How to make the inputs and outputs by default?